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A Letter from … Fiona

Dear Tony

Well, you’ve got a letter now, you can stop complaining!

Where were you last night? I wore my naughty underwear just for you - and you didn’t come to see me. I was most upset. And: I HATE MEN. They’re all low-down dirty rats, that ought to be shot at birth or at least locked up until they’re too old and senile to do anything. O.K? (Get the feeling I’m not in a good mood?)

You should save this letter and calim that it’s fan mail! I can do a pretty good impression of a “teeny-bopper (with cotton-wool for brains)” who’s in love with these “mega-famous pop-stars” (And then I can turn nasty, and become an “insider” who tells tales to the newspapers for huge sums of money! So watch it matey!)

You may never see me again - and stop that cheering - ‘cos I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown soon (which is a good excuse for failing my exams)

So, au revoir, my tinned peach

Lots of luv

Fiona xxx

A Letter from … Carol

Dear Tony

I think I owe you an apology for my rather abrupt tone towards you at lunch time.

I admit it was very insensitive of me to behave in the way I did. But I’m afraid I have been very touchy these last couple of weeks. I won’t bore you with all the reasons why because you may think that they’re just excuses.

This letter is just to say I’m sorry. If I wanted to say anything I should have been a little more subtle with you (but then being associated with Esther would drive anyone to the point of saying something they didn’t mean) - (or woudn’t usually say). I hope there’s no hard feelings between us. It’s the last thing I want and I don’t really think not talking to each other would solve anything.

Maybe we can talk things over when we’re both in a better frame of mind.



A Letter from … Julie

24th November

Dear Tony,

Just thought I’d write you a little letter to cheer you up. After talking to you on Friday I felt so sorry for you. You just sat there looking so lonely and I felt like giving you a big hug because you looked like you needed a lot of loving.

Please don’t let things get you down. I know things look really bad but if you keep going round looking the perfect picture of gloom, doom and despair it’ll make everything worse!

Tony, remember being a loner doesn’t suit you. Remember when we first became friends (acquaintances) and used to meet at the D+T? Things were certainly different then! It was just you Alice, Carl, Richard you + me and we had our fun!

I can’t think of anything else to write but this was just to let you know that someone in the world cares about you and doesn’t want you to become a manic depressive!

Lots of Love



P.S Sorry about the paper but I’m in my R.E Lesson

P.P.S Sorry this letter’s short + sweet but then so am I !!!

A Letter from … Kathy


Dearest Tone,

Hello my darling ‘ow are you ? I’m surviving, but you’re one pound fifty was very much appreciated. I saw the envelope drop through the letterbox and rushed feverishly to collect. I have to intercept my mail before the children play Postman Pat with it. Eagerly I ripped open the envelope, my animal passions were really wild. It’s from Tone I thought - he’s friends (or used to be should I say) with the, ooh I can’t say cos I go all weak and tingly {not republished here} - AARGH Beatle mania yeah !

No, seriously, and I mean this most sincerely, I hope all is good for you in Cov. I kinda miss that town, with its fights, stabbings etc. It made the place kinda quaint.

London’s o.k. I mean everyone says London yeah! great but Muswell is hardly the Centre of the Universe. The best place to go is the Steam Rock Cafe - its a good place in that you get punks, goths, curiosity boys + kevs all in the same pub in relative harmony.

The family I work for are nice, although very middle class. They leave messages to each other with those magnetic letters on the fridge. They also have invitations from David + Fiona for dinner and all in folofax bashing parties. Still their friends of the Equalizer - Edward Woodward and were going to stop at his house, also theirs a free holidayin Malta in May, if I’m a good girl.

Now, I’m obviously the Sharon Watts of the peace here. Anne is mad for you, you’re mad for Anne. Simple, her address is {not republished here}

She wrote to me asking for your address, trying to be subtle but failing miserably. Now, I’m coming home on Sat, Oct 24th and you two better get together by then.

I’m off to Bristol this weekend for a few days of unadulteratedlust with Keith (the uni student I met in Spain) OOH! OOH! OOOH! OOOOO OOH!

Lotsa Love

See ya soon darlin’





{pic} Mr + Mrs Brown go to an orgy

(great story this one

Are you lying comfortably THEN I’ll BEGIN!!)